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Life Saving Dermatology Checks

Taking care of your skin

Your whole body is covered by your skin, which is a protective layer that shields your insides from all environmental threats and damaging factors. It literally helps your body stay in one piece, and it leaves outside dirt, bacteria, harmful substances and plenty of other things. Of course, this barrier isn’t perfect, and some things can get through it, but skin works as an overall first barrier of protection for your organism. As it endures wave after wave of radiation, germs, abrasion, hits and other sorts of impact you have to take care of it and make sure you give it all it needs to keep doing its job.

One of the biggest dangers that our skin faces is solar radiation. Sunlight isn’t really a bad thing in itself, in fact it makes our skin produce vitamin D which is essential for our health. However, an excess of exposure to ultraviolet rays, which are a sort of radiation present in natural sunlight and some artificial instruments like sunbeds, can harm the cells of our skin and even endanger our lives. Read More...

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